The Latest Fuel Developed from Recycled Plastic Could Power Marine Engines

Fuel Developed from Recycled Plastic

Researchers from Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) in collaboration with Recycling Technologies have developed a fuel from mixed plastic waste. It can be used as an alternative to crude-derived fuels in industrial and marine engines. This fuel known as Plaxx™ is made through the process of depolymerisation of plastics. It contains a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules […]

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Scientists Find a Way for Converting Plastic Waste into Diesel Fuel

Converting Plastic Waste into Diesel Fuel

Every year, several million tons of plastic waste are dumped into landfills, and they take thousands of years to degrade. Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of California have developed a solution to deal with the global issue. This process not only decomposes plastic wastes but also convert them into diesel […]

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Researchers Develop Environmentally Friendly Plastics


Plastics are one of the most versatile materials known to the human kind. They have a wide range of applications right from grocery bags to surgical equipment. Most plastics takes years for degradation as they are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource. Researchers at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Sustainable Polymers are developing biodegradable […]

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Recycling – A More Sustainable Solution for Food Packaging Industry

Recycling of Packaging Materials

It’s no secret that large volumes of packaging wastes are sent to the dump each year. In such scenario, recycling and composting seems to offer practical solutions to the problem of packaging waste. Though recycling and composting both keeps waste out of the landfills, recycling offers a more sustainable approach. Composting is a biological decomposition […]

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