3D Printing Set to Change the World as We Know It!

3D Printing Set to Change the World as We Know It

Innovation in 3D printing or additive manufacturing is well on its way to revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. With its applications in industries like aerospace, fashion, medicine, automobiles, architecture, education, electronics, and more, it is taking the world by storm. 3D printing has been around since the early 80s but was only used to create prototypes. […]

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A New Dual-Polymer Material that could lead to 3D printing of complex tissues developed

Dual-Polymer Material for 3D printing of complex tissues developed

The University of Bristol has come out with a breakthrough invention.  A journal published in Advanced Healthcare Materials suggests that the research team at the University has a created a dual-polymer material that will potentially allow medical professionals to 3D print bone and cartilage implants. The ink would be using patient’s stem cells to create […]

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Additive Manufacturing – The 3rd Industrial Revolution in Making?

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing is moving beyond prototyping and reforming production frameworks at varied scales in the manufacturing sectors. It has shortened the product development cycle and enabled rapid manufacturing of mass-produced products. According to the Wohler’s report, AM industry (considering all AM products and services worldwide) grew at 25.9% CAGR to $5.165 […]

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