Beninese Farmers Use Polyethylene Film to Increase Pineapple Yield


Application of plastics in agriculture has grown exponentially over the years. Use of plastics increases crop production, enhances food quality, and reduces carbon footprint. Moreover, they have enabled farmers to grow fruits and vegetables in all seasons. Plastics make it possible to employ sustainable solutions and promote recycling. For example, greenhouses facilitate farmers to create […]

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Plasticulture Has the Potential to Boost Production of Crops and Double Agricultural Income!


The need for a revolutionary technology in agriculture for efficient use of water is on the agenda of most governments across the world. At a recently concluded event in Jaipur, Ms. NeelKamal Darbari (Principal Secretary -Agriculture), Government of Rajasthan highlighted the importance of incorporating ‘Plasticulture’ in the agricultural sector in India. Ms. Darbari elucidated, “In […]

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