Thermoforming Machines

Thermoforming Machines: The latest packaging machines with endless possibilities

Italy’s Amut-Comi has recently developed the next generation thermoforming machines for packaging applications. The VPK C84 series machines provide options for off-line or in-line configuration and also 3 or 4 stations models. This machine can handle a multitude of materials, such as PET, PP, PS, PLA, PVC. It can produce numerous items like trays, lids, berry boxes, clamshells, nursery trays and plates.

The production speed of the machine is up to 35 cycles/min.  The dry cycles are counted at 55 per min. The mould occupies an area of 840 x 650 mm. The 4-column forming station has a clamping force of 24.000 Kg (a top mould servo plugs assist is included) which can be extended until 60.000 kg in case of in-mould cutting request. The punching station clamping force reaches 24.000 kg (4 station model) and for the 4-column cutting station, the clamping force is 60.000 Kg.

The VPK C84 series comes with a servo-driven up-stacker (robot stacking on request) and a precise individual heating element control for top and bottom ovens with open zone configuration. The oven can be at a length of 1.950 mm (3 steps) or 3.250 mm (5 steps in case of PP).

These machines are equipped with a new software with a full diagnostic and easy learning/handling operator interface.



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